Managing Director

Peter Brewer

Managing Director

0161 974 0952

I’m responsible for the overall management of CPC with the support of the CPC senior Management ...

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Contracting and RPAs

Pat Condon

Contracting & Compliance Manager.

0161 974 0936

Leading the Contracting Team to deliver best value EU compliant frameworks for members and working ...

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Contracting Team

Gary Sadler

Interim Contracting Manager

0161 974 0940

I look after a number of CPC’s Professional Services frameworks alongside supervision of the ...

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Keeley Blackburn

Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer

0161 974 0945

Working as part of the contracting team providing support to member institutions. Setting up new ...

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Majid Khan

Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer

0161 974 0949

I manage and monitor a portfolio of assigned frameworks and contracts, including negotiation of any ...

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Ria Logan

Contracts & Procurement Officer

0161 974 0955

My role is to create and manage frameworks. I build relationships with customers and suppliers. I am...

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Karis Lucano

Contracts & Procurement Officer

0161 974 0958

As Contracts & Procurement Officer I am responsible for assisting throughout the entire tender ...

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Lisa O'Shea

Junior Contracting Officer

0161 974 0947

My role is to look after contract management across a variety of frameworks areas, assist and ...

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Regional Procurement Advisors

Joanna Frost

RPA Supervisor

07990 763928

To help members get the most out of their CPC membership by providing hands on support. This ...

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Linda Carney

Regional Procurement Advisor (Northern)

0778 828 5941

To provide members with the support, guidance, knowledge and training in all procurement related ...

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Karen Edmeads

Regional Procurement Advisor (South West)

07765 241639

Visit institutions to raise the profile of CPC frameworks. Provide procurement advice and guidance ...

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Sara King

Regional Procurement Advisor

07990 764 272

To visit members and attend regional meetings to provide guidance, support, training and information...

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Rezia Begum

Customer Service Support Officer

0800 066 2188

To be the first point of contact within CPC for our members and suppliers. I induct new member ...

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Steven Gorst

Customer Service Support Officer

0800 066 2188

To be the first point of contact within CPC for our members and suppliers. I induct new member ...

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Web & Marketing Team

Lee Duckworth

Web & Marketing Manager

0161 974 0946

My role is to provide line management to the web & marketing team ensuring all team members have the...

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Ryan Glover

Web & Marketing Apprentice

0161 974 0953

I’m the Web Apprentice and my role involves working on the website which can range from making ...

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Jon Pudny

Web Designer

0161 974 0941

A wide ranging responsibility to ensure that CPC achieves its core objectives whilst providing ...

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Business Services Team

Mark Roberts

Financial Controller

0161 974 0943

Responsible for ensuring that all CPC financial and corporate governance activities are legally ...

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Liz Owen

Business Services Team Supervisor

0161 974 0948

I provide line management and leadership to the Business Services Team. I also collect spend figures...

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Mon-Yee Ackers

Management Accounts Officer

0161 974 0938

One of the aspects of my job role is to manage the purchase ledger which includes raising purchase ...

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Farhana Begum

Finance Assistant

0161 974 0957

I work as part of the Business Services team, providing a professional financial support service to ...

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Emma Bowker

Key Projects & Finance Officer

0161 974 0939

To manage and deliver key projects within the business that don’t necessary fall within other ...

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Joshua Wood

Training and Administration Officer

0161 974 0942

I am responsible for the Crescent Learning arm of the business, as well as the apprenticeships ...

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Human Resources

Jane Davies

HR Manager

0161 974 0944

Working within the senior leadership team, I am responsible for providing an effective HR service at...

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Smita Chauhan

HR Advisor

0161 974 0959

Working with the HR Manager, I am responsible for providing an effective HR service at an ...

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