Date Article
23rd Mar 2020 COVID-19 FAQs for CPC frameworks

A series of FAQs for utilisation of CPC frameworks while we navigate the COVID-19 crisis

10th Feb 2020 5 top tips for procuring energy

To help members get greater benefits and outcomes from their energy supply arrangements, we have developed 5 top tips.

25th Jun 2020 Making a framework work

In the first video of our Video Blog, Pat Condon explains how to make frameworks work for your institution

25th Jun 2020 Using the CPC Desktop Hardware Framework as the CPL Group IT Officer

In the first video of our Video Blog, Josh Wood explains how he uses the Quote Tool to purchase IT equipment for CPL Group

10th Feb 2020 Procuring insurance in an FE college

Guidance for FE colleges when considering their insurance renewal process within an ever-changing further education landscape.

6th Jan 2020 Mini-competition process checklist

This simple checklist is available to help guide you through your mini-competition process

21st Nov 2019 Tendering for Outsourced Services

Access the slides from the Tendering Outsourced Services - Procurement Hints & Tips presentation at the Schools & Academies Show

13th Nov 2019 How to minimise modern slavery risks in your supply chain

New guidance on identifying and managing the risks of modern slavery in your procurement activity.

11th Jul 2019 Suspending an employee from work - issues to consider

The Court of Appeal recently held that there is no breach of the implied term of trust and confidence where there is reasonable and proper cause to suspend

11th Jul 2019 Freedom of Information – vexatious and costly requests

The Act offers procedural exemptions under section 14, relating to repeat and vexatious requests; and section 12, relating to excessive costs

11th Jul 2019 College oversight in the era of insolvency

On 22 May 2019 Hadlow College became the first College to be placed into Education Administration following an application by the Secretary of State

11th Jul 2019 New funding for further education will come with strings attached

FE will need to contend with scrutiny from The Office for Students to access funding prescribed by The Augar Review

11th Jul 2019 Tips for mitigating the risk of financial failure of your suppliers

Assessing your contract guidelines to ensure your institution is not left short by the financial shortfalls from your suppliers.

1st Mar 2019 A Journey of a CPC Procurement Apprentice

An interview with Jordan Robbins who has successfully completed his Level 3 Apprenticeship through our Procurement Apprentice scheme

9th Nov 2018 Local Authority Pension Transfers

A brief guide to the transfer of employees who are members of a Local Authority Pension Scheme

9th Nov 2018 Four reasons all educational institutions should maximise print technologies

This article details four reasons why all educational institutions should adopt a smart approach to print.

11th Oct 2018 College mergers & pensions

The government’s post 16 area review programme required colleges to consider their future, with increasing encouragement to merge.

11th Oct 2018 Does an Employer have to enhance Shared Parental Pay?

The decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in Capita Customer Management Limited v Ali provided welcome clarity on shared parental leave pay (“ShPP”)

11th Oct 2018 Proposals for ending sexual harassment at work

Recommendations have been recently announced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to tackle the problem of sexual harassment at work.

18th Oct 2018 E-tendering systems - is it now compulsory to use one?

All procurements that exceed the EU threshold must be conducted electronically post 18 October 2018.

3rd May 2018 12 months of CPC and Tenet Services

This year has flown by following the merger between CPC and Tenet. What a year it has been for the new group!

6th Apr 2018 Eight Top Tips for First Time Framework Users

We've compiled a list of handy hints for framework users...

1st Mar 2018 CPC Apprenticeship Scheme Interview

In October last year Crescent Learning launched an apprentice funding scheme to place 15 procurement apprentices in colleges across the country.

6th Feb 2018 How To Maximise The Number Of Quotations / Tenders From Suppliers

How to increase the quality and number of responses you receive from suppliers when you submit requests for quotations

6th Feb 2018 What Is A Framework?

A framework is a contract awarded normally to several suppliers (usually 3 or more), although technically it could be awarded to a sole supplier.

6th Feb 2018 1st Blog Post – New Year, New CPC

Welcome to the first ever edition of the new CPC monthly blog.