This framework agreement has been designed to offer a complete solution for ICT equipment procurement for educational establishments. CPC members have full EU coverage and have access to purchase at a substantial and demonstrable discount relative to the marketplace throughout the term of the framework agreement.

The framework discounts apply to all equipment and services that have been part of the framework tendering process. The Desktop Hardware framework has 30 ICT specialist suppliers who are distributed across specific lots.

  • Lot 1 – Desktop Hardware - Provides and enables the supply, delivery and/or installation of a range of desktops and PC solutions including but not limited to; desktop PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice, storage, thin clients, installation, maintenance and training

  • Lot 2 – Portable Devices (Excluding Apple Devices) - This Lot enables the supply and delivery of a range of portable devices such as laptops, tablets, notebooks and other technology devices

  • Lot 4 – IT Hardware (Compatible with Apple Operating Systems) - This Lot facilitates the supply and delivery of a range of IT Hardware compatible with Apple Operating systems, including but not limited to iPads; accessories for example docking stations and charges, iPhone and iMacs. Members may also require training and support under this lot

  • Lot 5 – ICT Disposal & Recycling - Through this Lot the members have the opportunity to purchase services related to the disposal and recycling of all ICT and communication products including but not limited to computers, printers, laptops, tablets, smart devices, telephony systems, cabling, etc.

Each supplier has been ‘pre-qualified’ to ensure they deliver excellent products, services and best value for money for schools, colleges, academies/academy trusts and universities.

It was awarded on 18th January 2016 and runs to 30th June 2020.

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The Department for Education (DfE) recommend this framework to Schools and Academies.

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Key Benefits of this Framework

  1. Access to a range of well-known and reputable IT brands
  2. Over 30 specialist ICT hardware suppliers to maximise competition and achieve best value for money
  3. Substantial education discounts relative to the marketplace
  4. A quick route to market through direct call-off agreements or mini competition exercises
  5. Pre-defined Terms and Conditions established for members
  6. Average savings of 18.69% (as at June 2017) Download Savings Summary

Supplier Details

Lots No. Suppliers
Lot 1: Desktop Solutions 13 View Suppliers
Lot 2: Portable Devices (Excluding Apple Devices) 15 View Suppliers
Supplier Agreement No.
Academia Ltd 2016/1508
Banner 2016/1517
British Telecommunications PLC (BT) 2016/1518
Capita Managed IT Solutions Limited 2016/1489
CCS Media Limited 2016/1512
CDW Limited 2016/1519
Centerprise International 2016/1510
Chess ICT Burnley Limited 2016/1498
Getech Ltd 2016/1507
Insight Direct (UK) Ltd 2016/1516
Phoenix Software Ltd 2016/1501
Softcat Ltd 2016/1511
Stone Computers Limited 2016/1499
VeryPC Limited 2016/1513
XMA 2016/1500
Lot 4: IT Hardware Compatible with Apple Operating Systems 14 View Suppliers
Lot 5: ICT Disposal and Recycling 13 View Suppliers
Supplier Agreement No.
Academia Ltd 2016/1508
Asset Management Ireland Ltd 2016/1488
CCS Media Limited 2016/1512
CDW Limited 2016/1519
Centerprise International 2016/1510
Chess ICT Burnley Limited 2016/1498
Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems Limited (DTP) 2016/1505
Getech Ltd 2016/1507
MCC Limited 2016/1503
Phoenix Software Ltd 2016/1501
Softcat Ltd 2016/1511
Stone Computers Limited 2016/1499
XMA 2016/1500

How can I use this Framework

Read the User Guide to see if the equipment you need has been part of the framework tendering process.

Prices and terms are listed on page 7 and if you can clearly identify who offers the best value for money, you can select the best price for your requirement from the supplier price lists.

We recommend that members use the CPC Quote Tool to get access to the competitive terms agreed under this framework.

Should you wish to use your own tendering system or institutional website(s) to conduct a further competition or if you wish to contact the suppliers via email directly, please ensure that you quote the framework name on any communications you send to the supplier(s).

Depending on the complexity of your requirements please allow framework providers a minimum of two – four weeks to respond to your further competition requirements. Fro guidance on further competition timescales please read our blog article on How To Maximise The Number Of Quotations / Tenders From Suppliers

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If you require support in running a further competition via this framework, Tenet Services can help. Tenet offer a nationwide service specialising in assisting education establishments to complete further competitions.

Tenet are part of the Crescent Purchasing Group of Companies and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Go to Tenet Services

Get a Quote

The CPC Quote Tool is free to use for all our members and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on our frameworks for purchases that fall below £189,330.

"The Quote Tool was easy to use and time saving, resulting in a straightforward process where we just had to put the details in once and could then use the reputable suppliers already recommended."

Deborah Anderson-Dixon, Finance Manager at Sir William Romney's School

For purchases that exceed £189,330, the CPC Sourcing Cloud is available that complies with the regulations to allow electronic tender returns whilst still being free to use for our members. Find out more about CPC Sourcing Cloud.

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Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this framework. Some are required for successful use of the framework and are clearly marked.

File Details Essential
User GuideThis is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids. YesDownload
Further Competition TemplateThe attached template document should assist you with running your further competition and once completed should be sent to all suppliers on the relevant framework lot. Download

Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

Jane Edwards

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  • Tel: 0161 8231860
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